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Moses Buttenwieser, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Exegesis, Hebrew Union College, Cincinnati, Ohio.

APOCALYPTIC LITERATURE, NEO-HEBRAIC – Growth Out of the Older. The Neo-Hebraic apocalyptic forms but one branch of Apocalyptic Literature, a species of literature exhibiting many ramifications, and represented in a complex but unbroken chain, from the time of the...
MESSIAH – The Name. The name or title of the ideal king of the Messianic age; used also without the article as a proper name—"Mashiaḥ" (in the Babylonian Talmud and in the midrash literature), like Χριστός in the Gospels. The Grecized...
PRIEST – Laymen as Priests. —Biblical Data: One consecrated to the service of the sanctuary and, more particularly, of the altar. This definition, however, holds true rather for the later than for the earlier stages of Hebrew priesthood....