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A. W. Brunner,

Architect, New York City.

ALMEMAR – Corrupted from the Arabic al-minbar, "the chair," "the pulpit," is an elevated platform in the synagogue, on which the desk stands for reading the lessons from the Pentateuch and Prophets. In the synagogues following the Spanish...
AMERICA – The name "America" is used in this article in its broadest signification, as applied to the entire western world; that is, North and South America and all the adjacent islands.The discovery of America by Columbus, and the...
ARK OF THE LAW – Supposed Earliest Representation of an Ark of the Law, in the Museo Borgiano at Rome.(From Garrucci, "Arte Christiana.")—In the Synagogue( ): A closet or chest in which are kept the Torah scrolls used in the public worship of...
SYNAGOGUE ARCHITECTURE – Kafr Bir'im Synagogue. Ancient Jewish art is mainly represented by the Temple and its fittings, of which all that is left to contemplate is the lower portion of a fortified wall. Even if this overstates the fact, it is most...