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Ludwig Stein, Ph.D.

Professor of Philosophy at the University of Bern, Switzerland; Editor of "Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie."

ABSOLUTE, THE – A philosophic term indicating a being or substance free from contingency and external determination. It is defined by the philosophers in various ways. Spinoza defines it as the causa sui, the cause of itself; Kant as the Ding...
ACCIDENT – Philosophic Notion. Term used in philosophy to express a characteristic of an object or notion which does not necessarily follow from its nature and is not essential to its concept, but is connected with the object as an...
ARABIC-JEWISH PHILOSOPHY, General View of – Mosaism a System of Mandates. So thoroughly were the writings of Arabic-speaking Jews influenced by what may be termed Mosaism, that it is necessary to bear this constantly in mind when considering the peculiar contribution of...
ATTRIBUTES – The fundamental and permanent properties of substance, so-called by logicians in contradistinction to accidents, which are modifications representing circumstantial properties only. Aristotle makes the distinction between...