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I. M. Casanowicz, Ph.D.

United States National Museum, Washington, D. C.

WHALE – A cetaceous mammal. Several species of cetacea are found in the Mediterranean as well as in the Red Sea. In the Authorized Version of the Bible the Hebrew "tannin" is often rendered "whale"; while the Revised Version has...
WILD ASS – Rendering used in Gen. xvi. 12 (R. V.), Job vi. 5, xi. 12, xxiv. 5, xxxix. 5, Ps. civ. 11, Isa. xxxii. 14, Jer. xiv. 6, and Hos. viii. 9 for the Hebrew "pere," and in Jer. ii. 24 for "pereh";in Job xxxix. 5 for the Hebrew...
WOLF – The wolf (Canis lupus) is still found in Palestine, where the animals prowl in pairs or droves about sheepfolds at night. As a type of boldness, ferocity, and bloodthirstiness, it is mentioned in Gen. xlix. 27; Isa. xi. 6, lxv....
WORM – Rimmah" and "tole'ah" are the terms most frequently employed in the Bible to connote not only the earthworm, but any elongated crawling creature, such as the maggot, caterpillar, larvaof an insect, and the like. Thus, in the...