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PATRIARCHS, THE – Biblical Data: As early as the Biblical period Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are nearly always invoked together. God remembers the covenant which He has made with the three Patriarchs, and will therefore liberate their descendants...
PATRICIUS – 1. Leader of the Jews against the Romans in the fourth century. When the Jews in Palestine were severely oppressed by the Roman general Ursicinus (351) they made a desperate attempt at revolt, which soon ended in their...
PATRIMONY – See Inheritance.
PATRIOTISM – Love for and devotion to one's country. The word is not used in the Hebrew Scriptures; but the virtue of patriotism is extolled alike in ancient, medieval, and modern Jewish lore. References to one's native land are found in Ps....
PATTO (PATO), BENJAMIN DIAS – Spanish ḥakam and preacher; killed April, 1664; son of Jacob Dias Pato, and a pupil of Saul Levi Morteira, whose collection of sermons "Gibe'at Sha'ul" Patto and his fellow pupil Moses Jacob Belmonte edited in 1645. Patto was...
PATTO, SAMSON GOMEZ – Member of the college of rabbis in Jerusalem in the eighteenth century. In 1705 he approved the work "Peri Ḥa-dash" of Hezekiah de Silva, which was published in 1706.S. M. K.