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AHAZIAH, King of Judah Son and successor of Jehoram, and grandson of Jehoshaphat. His reign, like that of his namesake of Samaria, was very brief, lasting but a year (843-842 B.C.). Shortlyafter his accession he went to the help of Joram, king of
AHAZIAH, King of Israel Son and successor of Ahab, king of northern Israel. In his brief reign of less than two years (853-852 B.C.) he continued his father's military activity. He hoped also to increase the wealth of Israel by taking part, with
AḤER See Elisha ben Abuyah.
AHIAB See Herod.
AHIAH See Ahijah.
AHIAM Son of Sharar the Hararite. He was one of the thirty mighty men of David (II Sam. xxiii. 33). In I Chron. xi. 35, he is called "the son of Sacar." G. B. L.
AḤIASAF A Hebrew annual, published in Warsaw by the "Aḥiasaf" Publication Society. It was founded in 1893, and had immediate success, both literary and financial. Though an almanac in form, its chief merit rests upon the literary
AHIEZER 1. Son of Ammishaddai, chief of the tribe of Dan in the second year after the Exodus (Num. i. 12), who brought his offering to the dedication of the Tabernacle on the tenth day (Num. vii. 66-71). 2. Chief of the men who came to
AHIJAH (THE PROPHET) Biblical Data: A prophet from Shiloh, who foretold to Jeroboam that he would become king (I Kings, xi. 29). Later he prophesied the downfall of Jeroboam's house and of the kingdom of Israel (I Kings, xiv. 1-18). Beginning with