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SIMEON Tanna of the first generation; brother of Azariah and uncle of Eleazar ben Azariah. He is mentioned only once in the Mishnah, in Zeb. i. 2, where a saying of his has been preserved. He is named after his brother Azariah, who was
SIMEON I. Son of Hillel and father of Gamaliel I. Nothing is known of him except his name and the fact that he was the successor of Hillel as president of the Sanhedrin (Shab. 15a).W. B. J. Z. L.
SIMEON II. (BEN GAMALIEL I.) President of the Great Sanhedrin at Jerusalem in the last two decades before the destruction of the Temple. Not merely a scholar, but a man of resolution and courage also, he was one of the leaders in the revolt against the
SIMEON (BEN GAMALIEL II.) Wide Knowledge. Tanna of the third generation, and president of the Great Sanhedrin. Simeon was a youth in Bethar when the Bar Kokba war broke out, but when that fortress was taken by the Romans he managed to escape the massacre