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ARAM Location. —Biblical Data: The name of a group of kindred tribes scattered over portions of Syria, Mesopotamia, and Arabia. It is not the name of a country or of a politically independent people; for the Aramaic peoples were
ARAM-GESHUR An Aramean district and a small kingdom near Maachah (II Sam. xv. 8) (see Aram-Maachah), and associated with it in Josh. xiii. 13. David married the daughter of its king (II Sam. iii. 3). She became the mother of Absalom, who
ARAM-MAACHAH I Chron. xix. 6): A district south of Damascus, bordering on the trans-Jordanic territory of Manasseh. Maachah is said in Gen. xxii. 24 to have been a descendant of Nahor, Abraham's brother, and the territory called after him is
ARAM-NAHARAIM A region somewhat ill-defined, mentioned six times in the Bible. In the title of Ps. lx., and in I Chron. xix. 6, it is used for the region beyond the Euphrates (compare II Sam. x. 16). It is stated in Judges iii. 8, 10, that
ARAM-REHOB A district of Syria, of which the chief city was Rehob or Beth-Rehob, associated with Aram-Zobah as hostile to David. Num. xiii. 21 and Judges xviii. 28 place a Beth-Rehob in the Lebanon region near Dan. Moore (Commentary on
ARAM-ZOBAH The capital of an Aramean state, at one time of considerable importance. The statement in I Sam. xiv. 47, that its king fought with Saul, has hitherto been unconfirmed. No such doubt, however, attaches to the account of the war
ARAMA, DAVID BEN ABRAHAM Rabbinical author, born in Turkey, 1525; lived in Salonica. When barely twenty years old, he published "Perush 'al Sefer Mishneh Torah," a commentary on Maimonides' Yad ha-Ḥazaḳah (Salonica, 1546-1572; second edition, Amsterdam,
ARAMA, ISAAC BEN MOSES Spanish rabbi and author; born about 1420; died in Naples 1494. He was at first principal of a rabbinical academy at Zamora (probably his birthplace); then he received a call as rabbi and preacher from the community atTarragona,