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HANANEEL Babylonian scholar of the third century; disciple of Rab (Abba Arika) and colleague of Beruna and Isaac b. Maḥseiah (Yer. Ber. vi. 10d; Pes. 103a). He was a great halakist, and so familiar with his master's opinions that once,
HANANEEL BEN AMITTAI Spiritual leader of the Jewish community of Oria, Italy, in the ninth century. He is said to have been descended from a Jerusalem family, members of which were taken to Italy by Titus. In the Ahimaaz Chronicle Hananeel is
HANANEEL IBN ASKARA See Shem-Ṭob ben Abraham Gaon.
HANANEEL BEN ḤUSHIEL Rabbi of Kairwan; Biblical and Talmudical commentator; born at Kairwan about 990; died, according to Abraham Zacuto ("Yuḥasin," 98b), in 1050. It seems that his father, Ḥushiel, was his only master, but as by correspondence he
HANANIAH 1. A son of Heman the singer, and chief of the sixteenth of the twenty-four musical divisions into which the Levites were divided by King David (I Chron. xxv. 4, 23). 2. One of the captains of King Uzziah's army (II Chron. xxvi.