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JOHANAN B. ZAKKAI The most important tanna in the last decade of the Second Temple, and, after the destruction of Jerusalem, the founder and first president of the academy at Jabneh. According to the theory formulated in the Mishnah (Ab. ii. 8),
JOHANNES DE CAPUA See John of Capua.
JOHANNES HISPALENSIS Baptized Jew who flourished between 1135 and 1153; his Jewish name is unknown and has been corrupted into "Avendeut," "Avendehut" = "Aven Daud," "Avendar." He was a native of Toledo, and hence is called also Johannes (David)
JOHANNES PAULI German humorist and convert to Christianity; born about 1455; died at Thann 1530. He became a distinguished preacher of the Franciscan Order at Oppenheim and Strasburg, at which latter place he took notes of Geiler's sermons,
JOHANNES (DAVID) TOLETANUS See Johannes Hispalensis.
JOHANNESBURG Largest city in the Transvaal and principal center of Jewish life in South Africa. The Jewish community there is estimated at 12,000 in a total population of 120,000—the largest relative number, outside of Aden and Gibraltar, in
JOHLSON, JOSEPH (Asher ben Joseph Fulda) German Bible translator and writer on educational topics; born in 1777 at Fulda; died atFrankfort-on-the-Main June 13, 1851. He was sometimes called "Fulda," after his native place, where his father was acting rabbi. In 1813 he