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LA ROCHELLE City and seaport of France; capital of the department of Charente-Inférieure; situated on the Atlantic coast. Its small Jewish community made itself conspicuous in the third decade of the thirteenth century by the exploits of
L'ARRONGE, ADOLF German dramatist and theatrical manager; born in Hamburg March 8, 1838; son of Eduard Theodor l'Arronge (Aaron). He received a musical training at the conservatorium at Leipsic, and officiated later as conductor of the orchestra
LARTA See Arta.
LAS LEYES, JACOB DE Spanish compiler. He was commissioned by the son of Alfonso X. the Wise to compile an ethical work for the use of his pupil, the infante Don Alfonso Fernandez. He, accordingly, transcribed "Flores de Derecho," a painstaking
LASCH, GERSHON German teacher and author; born in 1803; died at Halberstadt March 3, 1883. In 1823 he was appointed instructor at the Jewish school in Halberstadt, where he later became professor. Besides several small school-books, Lasch
LASHON HA-ḲODESH See Hebrew Language.
LASK, ABRAHAM BEN JEHIEL MICHAEL HA-KOHEN See Abraham b. Samuel Cohen of Lask.
LASKER, EDUARD German politician; born at Jarotschin, Posen, Oct. 14, 1829; died in New York city Jan. 5, 1884; educated at the universities of Breslau and Berlin (LL.D. Leipsic, 1873; Hon. Ph.D. Freiburg, 1875). He took part, at Vienna, in