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MOSES OF PAVIA (surnamed Gaon):

Italian scholar of the eleventh century. According to Kaufmann, he is identical with the teacher Moses of Pavia, who, about 900 C.E., left that city for the north of Italy on account of a quarrel with Amittai b. Shephatiah. He is cited as a gaon in all the treatises on "ṭerefot" of the German and French medieval schools, although his name does not occur in the "'Aruk," from which this reference is said to be derived. According to the "Miḳdash Me'aṭ," a poem by Moses de Rieti, Moses of Pavia died a martyr's death, apparently in 1096. In the printed Tosafot (to Ḥul. 47a, s.v. ) he is usually confused with Moses of Pontoise.

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