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Physician; born in Pernambuco 1657, of Portuguese parents, who had, like many other Maranos, fled to Brazil after it had become a Dutch colony. When the Portuguese again took possession of Brazil, Andrade went to Holland, and became a successful medical practitioner at The Hague. He subsequently removed to Antwerp. He wrote a polemical work against Spinoza's philosophy entitled "Theologo Religioso Contra el Theologo Politico de B. de Espinosa," and translated Saul Morteira's "Torat Mosheh" into Portuguese under the title "Epitome de la Verdad de la Ley de Moyses." When Isaac Jaquelot, a minister of the Dutch Reformed Church in The Hague, published his work on the Messianic prophecies of the Old Testament, "Dissertations sur le Messie, où l'on Prouve aux Juifs, que Jésus Christ est le Messie Promis et Prédit dans l'Ancien Testament" (The Hague, 1699), Andrade wrote a defense of Judaism in six volumes under the title "Messias Restaurado Contra el Libro de M. Jaquelot, Intitulado: Dissertaciones Sobre el Messias" (The Restored Messiah, Against M. Jaquelot's Book, Entitled: A Dissertation Concerning the Messiah). It has remained in manuscript.

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