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Rabbi at Posen; died between 1710 and 1716. He was the author of "Maẓref la-Kesef" (Frankfort-on-the-Oder, 1681), containing extracts from and an index to the "Shene Luḥot ha-Berit" ("SHeLaH") of Isaiah Horowitz, with two appendixes, one entitled "Kur la-Zahab" and giving extracts from Gabirol's "Mibḥar ha-Peninim," and the other entitled "Teshubot Shib'im Zeḳenim" and containing maxims. A separate edition of the "Kur la-Zahab" was published at Offenbach in 1710, and in 1716 it was printed with the "Teshubot Shib'im Zeḳenim."

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