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Austrian economist; born at Plany, Bohemia, Feb. 28, 1806; died at Vienna March 4, 1873. He studied at the universities of Prague and Vienna, receiving from the latter the degree of Ph.D. In 1831 he entered the state service; in 1835 became professor of geography and history at the Vienna Polytechnical High School; in 1848, councilor in the Ministry of Commerce under Minister Dobbihoff. He was charged with various missions to Germany and Belgium (1849), and received the title "Kaiserlich Königlich Hofrath." During the revolutionary period Becher was the head of the ministry until relieved by Baron Bruck.

Becher published the following works: "Beiträge zur Oesterreichischen Handels- und Zollstatistik von 1831-42," part I. Stuttgart, 1844 (the only part published); "Die Organisation des Gewerbewesens," Vienna, 1851; "Die Bevölkerungsverhältnisse der Oesterreichischen Monarchie," Vienna, 1846; "Die Deutschen Zoll- und Handelsverhältnisse," Leipsic, 1850; "Ergebnisse des Handels- und Zolleinkommens der Oesterreichischen Monarchie im Jahre 1842," Leipsic, 1845; "Handbuch zur Vorbereitung für das Historische Gesammtstudium und Literatur Desselben," Vienna, 1833; "Handelsgeographie," vol. ii, Vienna, 1837; "Ideen zu einer Vernünftigen Erziehung," Vienna, 1835; "Das Oesterreichische Münzwesen vom Jahre 1524 bis 1838," vol. ii., Vienna, 1838; "Statistische Uebersicht der Bevölkerung der Oesterreichischen Monarchie nach den Ergebnissen der Jahre 1834-1840," Stuttgart and Tübingen, 1841; "Statistische Uebersicht des Handels der Oesterreichischen Monarchie mit dem Auslande Während der Jahre 1829 bis 1838," ib., 1841; "Die Volkswirthschaft," Vienna, 1853.

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