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Page From Bomberg's Edition of The Talmud, 1526.(In the Union Theological Seminary, New York.)

Talmudist of Barcelona, at the end of the thirteenth century. Bonafos took a very active part in the anti-Maimonistic controversy, and tried also to influence his brother, Crescas Vidal of Perpignan, against the study of philosophy. Bonafos' two letters to his brother are printed in the collection "Minḥat Ḳena'ot" (pp. 45, 491, Presburg, 1838). To Moïse-Nathan, author of the ethical poem entitled (printed in the of Menahem Lonzano, pp. 142-150, Venice, 1638) (MSS. Paris, No. 1284, 1), were addressed some pieces of verse on the subject of his writing, and one of these was composed by Bonafos Vidal. Neubauer, however, doubts whether this is the same rabbi who was connected with the disputes of Abba Mari. The identity of Bonafos with Bonafos Vidal of Salon, whose name is given as the owner of a manuscript now in Rome (Vatican, No. 107, 7), is not clear. This manuscript contains a prayer for the Feast of Purim, composed by Kalonymus b. Kalonymus.

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