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DEDANIM (Hebr. ; R. V. Dedanites):

The descendants of the Arabian Dedan, spoken of (Isa. xxi. 13) as engaged in commerce. Dedan is first mentioned (Gen. x. 7; I Chron. i. 9) as a son of Raamah, son of Cush, and again (Gen. xxv. 3; I Chron. i. 32) as a son of Jokshan, son of Keturah. Dedan is found in Jer. xlix. 8, where Edomitish settlers seem to be referred to, as "Dedan" occurs in the prophecy against Edom; again in xxv. 23, with Tema and Buz; in Ezek. xxv. 13, with Teman, in the prophecy against Edom; and in Isa. xxi. 13 ("The burden upon Arabia. In the forest in Arabia shall ye lodge, O ye traveling companies of Dedanim"). As a Keturean tribe Dedan seems to have occupied a position in northwest Arabia. Regarding the reference to Dedan in Ezek. xxvii. 15, 20, which points to South Arabia, Gesenius and Winer suggest that the Keturean Dedan intermarried with the Cushite branch, and this theory of mixed descent gains weight from the fact that in each case the brother of Dedan is mentioned as Sheba. Thus the name of Dedan may apply to one tribe.

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