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Swiss Christian Hebraist; born at Zurich March 10, 1620; drowned in the Limmat, in Switzerland, June 5, 1667. Having studied Oriental languages and theology at Geneva, Groningen, and Leyden, Hottinger was in 1642 appointed professor of Church history at the University of Zurich. Six years later he was called to the chair of Oriental languages; in 1653, to that of rhetoric and logic. In 1655 he went to Heidelberg as professor of Old Testament exegesis and Oriental languages; in 1661 he returned to Zurich, and the next year was appointed rector of Zurich University. Hottinger published many works on theology and philology, of which the most important to the Hebrew student are: "Exercitationes anti-Morinianæ de Pentateucho Samaritano," Zurich, 1644; "Rabbi J. Abarbanel Commentarium Super Danielem Prophetam," ib. 1647; "Erotematum Linguæ Sanctæ Libri Duo," ib. 1647; "Thesaurus Philologicus seu Clavis Scripturæ," ib. 1649; "De Heptaplis Parisiensis ex Pentateucho Instituta," ib. 1649; "Promptuarium sive Bibliotheca Orientalis," Heidelberg, 1658; "Grammatica Quatuor Linguarum [Hebrew, Chaldean, Syriac, and Arabic] Harmonica," ib. 1658; "Compendium Theologiæ Judaicæ," in his "Enneas Dissertationum," ib. 1662; "Lexicon Harmonicum Heptaglotton," Frankfort-on-the-Main, 1661; "Grammatica Linguæ Sanctæ," Zurich, 1666; "Libri Jobi post Textum Hebræum et Versionem Verbalem Latinam Analysis," etc., ib. 1689.

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