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The term given as the translation for "ḳiddah" (Ex. xxx. 24; Ezek. xxvii. 19) and "ḳeẓi'ot" (Ps. xlv. 9). Ancient commentators agree in identifying the two. Onkelos to Ex. xxx. 24 renders "ḳiddah" by "ḳeẓi'ah"; Rashi does the same. Cassia belongs to the cinnamon group and resembles the ordinary species, though its fragrance is fainter. It is indigenous to Eastern countries, and in Biblical times was used along with myrrh and aloes both as a perfume (Ps. xlv. 9) and as an ingredient of the anointing-oil (Ex. xxx. 24). It formed one of the many commodities in which Tyre traded (Ezek. xxvii. 19).

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